Ready for a team event like no other?

Foster an awesome culture with unique team events


9 to Thrive works with companies to create great work cultures through unique team events.

Why? Companies are competiting for top talent and culture is the ultimate advantage. We help busy companies save time and resources by offering event-based perks to fuel their culture.

How do we do it? We've curated a network of culture experts to provide custom-fully organized events to bond as a team (like yoga and beer tasting!). We make it easy to bring people together in new ways to help create an office people love to work in.

You tell us what suits your team, we do the rest. It's that easy!


What's the vibe of event you're looking for:


Work Hard, Zen Hard

Looking for a way to bring some relaxation to the office? From yoga, desk massages and meditation, we've got something to zen your crew out.


Hustle & Flow

Have a team that likes to move? From surf workouts to dance classes, we've got so many ways to get your team active.


Always Up For Adventure

From hip-hop bingo to terrarium building, we've got something fun to appeal to all departments.

Why It Matters


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