GUEST BLOG- Unleashing Personal Brands to Build Organizational Diversity

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Special guest blog written by Joshua Siegal. Josh is on a mission to help employees unleash their own unique personal brand and help employers understand what their employee value proposition truly is.  Where these two meet, magic happens.  In addition to his consulting work, Josh is also a part-time university instructor, thought-leader, and writer.  Prior to this, Josh was the leader of Talent & Culture at Real Matters. 

Unleashing Personal Brands to Build Organizational Diversity

The laws of nature teach us so much about what it takes to build a healthy organization.  It’s a commonly accepted truth that biodiversity creates the healthiest eco-system.  When building an organization, that diversity is equally as important. 

Diversity of background, experience, and thought all combine to make stronger decisions, better work environments, and healthier organizations.

Are we doing enough to truly foster this ecosystem of diversity?

Are we building an environment where employees can truly embrace what makes them unique, proudly hold up what makes them different, and use that unique personal value proposition in the workplace?  

Are we helping employees understand that the uniqueness in what makes them different, is truly the glue which will strengthen and bring the organization closer together.

I believe there are some paradigm shifts that employers need to take in order to do this better:


 The concept of ‘culture fit’ breeds homogeneity in organizations and is filled with an egotism suggesting that your culture doesn’t need to grow or better itself.

The concept of culture add/complement forces talent acquisition folks to start asking, ‘What is this new hire going to do to better our culture?  What do they bring that we don’t have?’

Challenge talent acquisition and hiring managers to have to clearly articulate how they believe they are supporting the culture add concept!  

Building Personal Brands

Your organization does a wonderful job of building up its corporate brand.  You probably invest in a lot of great minds and marketing materials to support it.  I’m guessing you expect your employees to be brand ambassadors for you 24/7.  The question is, if they are doing that, how can they build up their own unique personal brand?  You know, that small thing you hired them for…

Don’t let employees get lost within your brand.  Let them, encourage them to understand and speak with their own brand in mind.  Remember, you hired them to be unique and different!

Play, Explore, and Share


Employees are hungry for more than just the daily grind of whatever their job may be.  As an employer, are you looking at opportunities to connect people beyond just the day-to-day tasks which bring them together? 

Changing the dynamic of how people interact frees people to be more authentic, showcase their true selves, and help that personal brand shine.  Different types of team-building, activities, or social outings will let different types of people open up and share in their own unique way.

Diversity of people deserve a diversity of opportunities to showcase their true selves.

Unlock People’s Passions

Empower the part-time yoga instructor working in your bank to lead a lunch-time class.  Let that burgeoning author-by-night talk to your creative marketing team to get concepts for their next book.  Make sure that individual passionate about baking as an opportunity to share their goodies at the next office meeting.

Finding ways to connect employees personal passions into the workplace is one of the most powerful ways to show them you care about them as an individual, and that their uniqueness is valued. 

Not only do they feel great, but the rest of the office gets to benefit by trying new things!

Leaders need to be thinking about how they build a work environment where people aren’t afraid to play.  

A work environment where people can truly be people.

What are you doing to help your team lean into their uniqueness? We’d love to know!

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