Got some questions, we've got some answers

What if we don't have a large team? Can we still do an event?

Absolutely! But for most workshops we recommend having a minimum group of 10 to start.

Do you always come to our office? Or do we go offsite too?

It depends on the event, but we try to curate team events that can work in any office space. However, if the event calls for more space, we book the venue and organize simple transportation to make it a breeze to get the team to the event.

How much do these events cost?

Every event is different, but most events start at $30 per person.

How does the event planning work?

You pick the event and date- we do the rest! Sit back, relax and focus on letting employee engagement get easier.

None of the events really work for my team- what can you do?

We can customize and build any of the events to suit your team. We've got a great community of vendors across the city and we can build the perfect event for your team. Shoot us an email today and we can help find a solution. 

How much notice do I need to give to book an event?

We can move quickly, but we recommend at least 2 weeks notice for best results. 

I love the idea, but how do I convince my boss to take the team's time away from work?

Building a great culture is crucial to attracting and retaining the right talent to help any business grow and thrive. To help convince your boss, I'd recommend starting with a look at the ROI of a workplace Culture (check out our blog for some great resources on this). Companies with an established company culture have a turnover rate of 13.9% compared to 48.4% at those without. Plus companies with happier employees outperform competition by an average of 20%. (Columbia University). Also check out our Podcast for great tips from top employers. 

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